Safe Haven

Safe Haven

Where is your safe haven? Where do you retreat to feel at ease?

Oozing waves ceaselessly advancing and perpetually retreating.

Moment by moment their presence and departure is vaguely known.

Traveling with a conniving demeanour, yet pliable and melodious.

The grit and the grind of the ocean floor is all that is left to be shown.

Miles of pearly, yawning, desolate beach.

Tenderly kissed by each rolling wave.

The heavenly optics surrounds me.

As if I’m dwelling in my own serene cave.

Luscious, jade mountains stand behind me like barbaric soldiers.

But I am in my own perfect, captivating scene.

Banishing all the imperfection that overtake the world.

This is a place where no war is meant to be.

As the golden sun beats down my strength begins to dwindle.

I am content, so I let it run its course

Failing to apprehend this wonderland exists.

Overall, gratefulness and praise goes to whoever is at the source.

Intimidating, rocky grey cliffs surround me.

Imagining a daring, intrepid self.

I experience the rush and thrill of expeditiously plunging down.

My taste buds are overcome with a wet, salty basket of wealth.

With a magnetic attraction the gritty sand attaches to my crimson body.

Each speckle making their own chivalric creation.

My mind is gracefully relaxing.

Peacefully going on deceleration.

All at once serenity overcomes me.

Lastly, I willingly let my mind slip away.

The splendour of a familiar and not too distant dreamland.

Will be with me as I complacently tranquilize in this cay.

By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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