Remembering Those We Love

Remembering Those We Love

Remembering Those We Love


We remember those we close to us everyday. Christmas is especially a time for remembering those we love. Christmas is a time when family comes together. Although loved ones may not be there, we know they are with us in spirit.

In Memory of Auntie Doreen, Grandma Kohut, Grandma Lawrence, Uncle John And Uncle Alvin.

We miss you so much.

As we look to the holidays

And the good times ahead

We also look back at the loved ones we lost

And the tears that we’ve shed


Some of the people in our lives

Who made the holidays most worthwhile

Have moved on to the next life

And can only look down and smile


As we remember them

And the joy that they shared

We carry them in our hearts

And remember how much they cared


So as we celebrate family

And toast a new year

Don’t forget to raise your glass skyward

And send back a smile to the ones you held dear.


Love the Colberg and Kohut Families



Written by Taylor Colberg



HCM Lifestyle wishes you a Merry Christmas. Enjoy today and everyday with all those you love.


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