All You Have Taught Me

All You Have Taught Me

All You Have Taught Me


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Mothers are celebrated today and everyday. There is nothing like a Mother’s love. Thank you to all Mothers and Grandmothers for all that you do.

I am blessed to have a Mother who is my teacher, best friend, mentor and angel. This poem is for you.


Since you first looked into my eyes

You promised to be there

Through the worries and cries


You’ve taught me all about pride

To stand proud and be tall

And all the while, to smile wide


You have taught me all about passion

To never set limits

For all action-no need for a ration


You have taught me about being willing to lead

To listen and learn

At every turn try to do a good deed


You have taught me all about giving back

To always spread brightness

And to never, ever let the World go black


You touch all those around you

Easily making us smile

Time and again, it’s just what you do


You have taught me all about being a Mom

Like instilling great values

“Show gratitude for where you came from”


You have taught me all about being a wife

To love without limits

And live a happy life


You have taught me all about being a friend

The importance of being there

Not just now, but until the very end


I love you more than I can say

You are my inspiration

In every single way


Heaven sent an angel down from above

To give me a Mother

That I adore and love




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Thank you to all Mom’s and Grandma’s on Mother’s Day and Everyday!

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  • Anna Marie Sweep Posted May 14, 2018 2:43 am

    Miss Madison,
    This poem is breathtaking.
    You know I do believe your Wonderful Mom, my dearest, truest friend, means the world to me, and you my dear show a great example of how great a job she did raising you to be everything she is and more. What a beautiful tribute to your wonderful, loving, most deserving Mom. I have no doubt you’ve made her feel most loved on this Mother’s Day. ❤️🤗🙏😘🌹🌻 I know I sure love her too

    • HCM Lifestyle Posted May 20, 2018 6:07 pm

      Awe thank you Anna! You truly are a very special friend and you two are so blessed to have one another. <3

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