30 Seconds to A Happier You

30 Seconds to A Happier You


In 30 seconds I am going to tell you how to become happier in 30 seconds.


Insight Timer Meditation App


30 seconds to a happier you


I began using the meditation app, Insight Timer, two months ago. The app consists of over 300,000 mediations. You can choose a meditation topic such as gratitude, happiness, sleep, smiling and many more.

As well, you can choose how long you have to meditate. Whether it is thirty seconds or two hours, there is a meditation to meet your time frame.

Since using this app I have found that I am much more calm in everyday activities. When I am feeling tense over an assignment or need to take a breath during a conversation, I use the techniques I have gained from Insight Timer.

From taking a deep breath to being aware of the sounds of birds when I am outside, my overall outlook of life has become that much more positive.

So whether you have thirty seconds or an hour and twenty, I encourage you to try out the Insight Timer app. You will be sure to breath deeper, happier and more grateful for your life.


Be Happy

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30 seconds to a happier you

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