Why Volunteer?

Why Volunteer?


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Why Volunteer?

This question may get asked and how do you reply?

I am here to tell you the answers

And of course, why.


I care,

I want to share, and

I volunteer because the gifts are rare


These gifts are not something you can touch

But you don’t have to see them

To know they are doing so much


They help you learn and grow

But also help others

In ways you don’t even know


No matter the size or contribution you give

You are making a difference

In this community we live


We learn in the process of giving back

And you will be sure to smile

Now that’s a fact


There is little wonder why you feel so great

You are making an impact

This is your fate


So whether it’s an hour or a few days

You can help change our world

In monumental ways


By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

HCM Lifestyle

Kindness has a snowball effect. So does a smile. Pass it on and see how the world changes. 



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Happy Volunteering!

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