I feel..’ Versus ‘You did…’

Give Feedback That Does Not Come Across as Personal Attack

By: Madison Colberg

Feedback, constructive criticism, advice, recommendations- these are all various terms to describe one thing- which is to be better.


Some people may not like to hear the opinions of others, good or bad. However, it is a great characteristic that will improve your life in multiple realms if you can listen to others or give constructive input.

Now let’s be honest, no one likes getting told they should do something better. It’s human nature to want to always be at your best. Although this is true, it is people who take advice full heartedly and learn from it, that grow the most.

When it comes to recommendations or advice, it is often not the words said, but the manner in which we are told that we do not like.

Seeing, hearing and feeling are real emotions. These establish an emotional connection between the person giving feedback and the other party receiving the advise.  Individual emotions show vulnerability and come from a place of sincerity, not of attack.


Therefore, next time you are giving or receiving  feedback, helping a friend or teaching your child a life lesson, remember, watch the manner in which to present it.

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