4 Steps to Give Effective Feedback

4 Steps to Give Effective Feedback

3 Stars & 1 Wish

4 Steps to Give Effective Feedback

I am going to share four simple and quick steps that you can use to give better feedback that were shared with me at Toastmaster’s MRU Speaks. Use these steps in work, school, with friends, family and relationships.

Steps 1, 2 & 3

To start, tell the person you are giving feedback to three things they did great or that you like. For example, in a presentation say 3 things you liked. If it is with a partner, share 3 things that make them a great partner.

These are the 3 Golden Stars you are giving them. This is the first three steps.

Final Step

The final Step is One Wish. This is one thing that they can improve on. Again, for a presentation this may be speaking more clear. If it is between your partner and you, this could be the issue that is bothering you such as them not cleaning up after they are done eating.

4 Steps to Give Effective Feedback

By sharing 3 Stars you are starting from a place of recognition and appreciation for what they do well. Next, your wish is not an attack but a mere way for improvement. Try these 4 simple steps next time you are giving feedback or have a conflict arise. It is amazing how much more open people become after they here 3 positive traits about them self. Thank you Toastmaster’s for sharing this wisdom!

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Happy wish giving and star granting!

By: HCM Lifestyle’s Madison Colberg

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