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HCM Lifestyle is a website about Inspiring Stories, Ideas and Tips from everyday people. We, Heather and Madison, are the passionate Mother-Daughter team behind this website. We love helping people, giving back and hearing stories of inspiration. We thought the idea of having others share their stories, ideas and tips on one website could help so many. This way we would all have the ability to learn from each other.

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Everyone has a story and if someone can take one thing away, learn something or just be happier in that moment, than the site had accomplished what we set out for!

The more grateful we are for what we have now, the more nurture it will receive in the future.

Heather, since I didn’t get to have a wedding I’m going to have the best funeral ever.

cali jeans

Entrepreneur of the Month

Samantha launched her own business importing the most popular and well known brands of jeans from Cali Colombia.The handmade jeans are renowned for both women who would like to accentuate their curves and those who already have curves- leaving you with a very flattering, slimming and controlled look! She gives great credit to her amazing pageant experience, as it was not only extremely rewarding but it helped her to uncover the entrepreneur within.


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